Terms of Use

Any user, contractor, customer, or any third party who accesses the Uniresearch.net website must read and understand this Terms and Conditions Agreement.

By accessing the Uniresearch.net website, you agree that you have read and understood this Terms and Conditions Agreement and agree, as well, to be bound by all of its provisions.


  1. Uniresearch.net: the website bearing the name of the company that has established this Terms and Conditions Agreement. Also referred to in this document as us, our, company, and we

  2. Visitor: Any individual or business that accesses our website

  3. User: Any individual or business that accesses our website and makes use of any of its resources

  4. Customer: Any individual or business that accesses our website, sets up an account and orders and pays for products or services

  5. Contractor: Any third-party with whom the company contracts for products or services

  6. Third-Party: Any individual or business with whom we do business or that has a presence of any kind on our website

  7. Partner: Any individual or business that contracts for our services and who has an account on our website

Age Requirement

By accessing and using this website, you attest that you are of legal age in the locale of your legal jurisdiction and thus able to enter into contractual agreements. We reserve the right to require proof of age and to suspend any account until that proof is provided. Should we discover that any user or customer is not of legal age, their account will immediately be terminated.

Changes to this Agreement

We reserve the right to make changes to this Terms and Conditions Agreement as we deem necessary or suitable. We publish such changes on our website. It is the responsibility of anyone bound by this Agreement to make themselves aware of these changes. They become effective upon publishing, and anyone bound by this Agreement is bound by these changes.

Property rights

We hold intellectual property rights to all content that we have crafted and published on our website. Likewise, any third party with a presence on our website holds all intellectual property rights to their content. Customers hold property rights to the content that they provide to us in the course of doing business with us. All visitors, users, customers, contractors, and third parties are legally bound to acknowledge and adhere to the intellectual property rights of the content that is not theirs. They may not make use of any of the content of others without written permission from the owner of such property. Further, when permission is provided for a specific use, such property may only be used for those specific purposes.

Violations of intellectual property rights will result in immediate termination of accounts and access to our website. As well, legal recourse may be pursued.

Customer Account and Account Use

Once a visitor or a user chooses to become a customer, there are very specific actions that must be taken:

  • Every customer must register for an account on our website. This will require the submission of certain personal information. Each account is password-protected.

  • Customers are responsible for the protection of their accounts and for all activities that occur on those accounts.

  • Customers are responsible for reporting any unusual activity on their accounts that might indicate a breach or otherwise unlawful use of their accounts.

  • Customers agree to provide accurate personal information to the company and to update that information should it change.

  • Customer agrees to use their account for the purposes of ordering products or services from the company, to communicate with writers who are providing such products or services, to upload documents and files that are necessary for writers to complete ordered products, to review and approve of completed projects, and to communicate with the company staff. 

Making Payment

When a customer orders products or services from Uniresearch, they agree to provide a payment method that is allowed by the company.

The company will provide a total cost based upon the project or service type and any taxes or fees that their local jurisdictions require.

Once a customer provides a payment method, they are authorizing the company to use that method. We use the third-party services of a payment processor with the proper SSL certification to protect customer financial information. Customer agrees that we may use this payment processor.

We may, at our discretion, request prior approval from a bank, should a customer be using a credit or debit card for payment.

If a customer should cancel an order prior to its completion and qualifies for a partial or full refund, that refund shall be processed via the same method used for payment.

The company reserves the right to cancel any order if we believe it violates any provisions of this Terms and Conditions Agreement, any law of ours or the customer’s jurisdiction, violates normal standards of decency, suspicion of fraud, or past due amount not paid.

Customer Satisfaction

It is our goal to provide accurate and up-to-date information and content on our website, relative to the services we provide. The company does not guarantee this accuracy or reliability. Nor do we guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the information or content of any third party that may have a presence on our website. Customers agree that they make use of our website content and services and those of third parties at their own risk.

At the same time, we do our best to achieve customer satisfaction. If a customer is unsatisfied with the results of any product or service they order, they may request a refund of their payment. The company will evaluate each request on an individual basis and make a determination. If a customer receives a refund, he agrees that he may not make use of any product or service delivered and that ownership of any product is transferred back to the company.

Partnership Program

The company operates a partnership program with other individuals and companies who are also content providers. 

In order for individuals or businesses to become partners, they must first request such a partnership from us. If we accept the partnership, the individual or company must register and establish an account on our website. Here is how this program works:

  1. Once an individual or business submits a request to become a partner, they will be approved and issued an account on our website. This is a password-protected account and is used by the partner to submit orders for our fulfillment.

  2. There will be a “contract for services” agreement that the partner will sign and to which the partner will be legally bound.

  3. The partner is to use their account to submit orders from their customers for our company to fulfil, along with payment for those orders – the amount of payment to be determined by us based upon the details of the project. Partner agrees to pay us the determined amount and any commission when collecting payment from the customer.

  4. Once we accept an order, it will be given an ID number, and the partner is responsible for providing all details of that order, including:

  • Content type

  • Word count

  • Deadline date

  • Any files or documents that must be used in the completion of the order

  1. Once an order is complete, it will be sent to the partner via the provided email address.

  2. Further details of the program are available in the contract service agreement that the partner must sign and agree to.

Important Conditions Regarding Partnership Affiliations

  1. Uniresearch does not wish to know the customer’s name or contact information. That should be reserved by the partner.

  2. Uniresearch does not communicate with a partner’s client in any way, nor do we provide any support to that customer.

  3. Uniresearch does not receive or store any of a partner’s customer personal information.

  4. If a refund request is made based upon dissatisfaction of a partner’s customer with the delivered product or service, we shall evaluate it on an individual basis, just as we would with our own customers.

  5. We reserve the right to terminate any partner’s account with our company. Usually, this will occur under the following circumstances:

    1. Failure to comply with any of the provisions of this Terms and Conditions Agreement

    2. Use of their account to use or embed spam, software, malware, an incursion into the accounts of others, fraud, anything of an illegal nature in our or their jurisdictions.

    3. Any conduct that is prohibited by these Terms and Conditions 

Third-Party and Affiliate Marketing

On the Uniresearch website, users and customers will find third-party presences – businesses to offer products and services that we believe will be of interest or value to them. We do not warranty any product or service of any of these third-party companies, nor are our policies in effect when an individual or business accesses these third parties from our website.

We also engage in an affiliate marketing program whereby individuals and companies refer potential customers to us. Should those potentials become customers, we do pay a commission to the affiliate.

Limitations and Prohibitions Regarding Use of the Uniresearch Website

Customers and partners must use our website and their accounts for the purposes we have stated. Our website and accounts may not be used for any of the following:

  • To threaten, abuse, or harass others

  • To craft or publish any content that promotes violence, hate, discrimination toward any other individuals or groups of individuals

  • To upload or in any way distribute viruses or any type of software that would disrupt the operation of our company or any of our users or customers

  • To engage in any fraudulent activity

  • To create or promote any gambling activity, any promotional marketing of their own, or any games/sweepstakes or any type of investment schemes

  • To craft or publish any material that is considered pornographic, obscene, or that goes against standards of normal decency

  • To breach the privacy of the accounts of others

  • Attempt to breach any of the company software or systems. Such will result in swift legal action

  • Any activity that will breach any of the company security tools.

User/Customer Privacy Protection

Uniresearch has a Privacy Policy which every user, customer, and partner must read and acknowledge understanding of that Privacy Policy as a condition of doing business with us. 

To sum up, the major tenets of privacy protection are the following:

  • Customers and partners must provide certain required personal information when they register and establish accounts with Uni Research

  • Customers and partners agree that their information may be securely transferred to other data centers that we own and operate

  • We also receive information about users, customers, and partners via the use of cookies, web beacons and other technologies. Some of this information is anonymous and used to improve our website and services. Others “remember” users to streamline their experiences when they return to our site.

  • We may provide some personal information to third-party contractors (e.g., email service provider). All such contractors agree to use personal information solely for the purposes of their contract with us and must provide the same security measures that we provide.

  • Customers and partners may choose to disable cookies through their browser settings. To do so will limit their ability to use our website to its fullest and will deny them access to many of our features

  • Customers and partners may terminate their accounts at any time, and we will honor those requests.

  • Customers and partners who reside in the EU fall under the protection of the GDPR, and we comply with all of those provisions.

Account Protection/Loss of Content or Data

Each account holder is responsible for the security of their account, despite the security that we have in place. If an account holder’s account is breached or if they lost files or data, the company accepts no liability for those breaches or losses.


All users and account holders shall hold harmless Uniresearch in the event they face legal action because of their access or use of our website. Further, these users and account holders will defend the company from any such legal action. The company may choose to enlist its own legal counsel in such matters.

Interruptions in Service

There are a number of circumstances that may interrupt the access and/or use of our website services. These include but are not limited to maintenance, updating, technical problems, loss of Internet, natural disasters, and other events. The company shall bear no responsibility or liability for damages or loss of users or account holders as a result of these interruptions.

Account Termination

Account termination runs both ways.

We may, at our discretion, terminate the account of any customer or partner, without notice, for a reason we determine is suitable, for the reasons stated above, as well as any third-party complaints that we receive relative to customer or partner activity on our website. 

Likewise, a customer or partner may terminate their account at any time without providing any reasons to us. We will honor all requests for termination.

Company Supplies No Warranties

Anyone who accesses our website, becomes a user, customer, or partner, does so at their own risk. There are no warranties from the company regarding its content, the content of any third-party presences or the final products or services that any user, customer, or partner receives. 

Further, we do not provide a warranty that any of our products or services will result in user, customer, or partner satisfaction. 

We provide no warranties regarding the interruption of service, or for any damage or loss to anyone as a result of service interruptions.

Company Liability Limitations

Uniresearch bears no responsibility for damages or losses that may be incurred by a user, customer, or partner, as a result of their use of our website. Should we determine that any fault may be ours, our liability is limited to the lesser of what a customer or partner has spent over the past six months, or $100. Users, customers, and partners acknowledge and agree to this provision.

Entire Agreement

This Terms and Conditions Agreement comprises the entire agreement between the company, its visitors, users, customers, partners, affiliates, contract providers, and all other third-parties. It supersedes any prior agreements among any of these individuals or companies.