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What Is Professional Research?

Professional research is any research conducted for a business or professional to provide them with evidence or information they need to make a decision, demonstrate that something is truthful, or support the development of a case study. It involves using a variety of research techniques and access to vetted sources to gather information, and organizing that data so that it is useful to the recipient. Here are just some of the activities that professional research involves:

  • Quantitative And Qualitative Research

  • Ethnography

  • Concept Testing

  • Online Research

  • Surveying

  • Global Research

  • Packaging Research

  • Product Testing

  • Choice Modeling

  • Economic Forecasting

  • Employee Research

In addition to using recognized methodologies to gather the information you need to answer your research questions, we can access data sets that offer a wide range of information that is relevant to your business. These are both public and private data sets that have been made available for both business and academic research purposes.

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Why Is Professional Research Important?

Every day, professionals are faced with important decisions. These choices can impact:

  • Product Development

  • Customer Targeting

  • Investments

  • Sales And Acquisitions

  • Company Strategy

  • Growth And Expansion

  • Globalization

  • More

These executive-level decisions can’t be made on a whim. The results of these choices can have a resonating impact on your company’s success, employees, customers, shareholders, even the public. You need reliable data gathered from a range of trustworthy sources, that is then organized in a way that allows you to effectively analyze it to gain the insights you need.

Our clients use our professional research services to drive growth, profitability, ethics, social responsibility, safety, and accuracy. With our services, you can ensure that the operational decisions you make for your company are informed by reliable data that has been gathered using proven methodologies by objective professionals.


How Does Professional Research Work?

Professional research begins with a question. For example, ‘Is it the right time for my business to develop this new product?’ Next, is identifying concerns such as existing competition and cost of production. After that, we identify the methodologies and data sets that can be used to gather the most reliable insights for your situation. Now, it’s time to do the actual research. This involves using a team of professional researchers to comb through data, conduct interviews, design and publish surveys, and more. Finally, we gather the results of all of that research and package it in a format that you can present to your stakeholders.


How Can Uniresearch Help?

Small businesses don’t have the internal resources to conduct research for marketing or decision support that their larger competitors do. Additionally, most don’t have extensive budgets to dedicate to this purpose. At the same time, you need reliable data to prove your marketing claims, ensure you are making intelligent decisions, and position your company for future growth. Uniresearch specializes in professional research services for startups, small businesses, and solopreneurs. You can count on us to conduct research that produces reliable proof and insights that you can take action on right away.


Additionally, we keep you involved in the research process from the beginning. We want to ensure that we are truly answering the right questions for you. That’s why our involvement begins with the development of that key question. While we can’t make business decisions for you, we will always be there to provide you with the information you need to make those important strategic choices.

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