Privacy Policy

In the course of doing business as content providers for both businesses and individuals, we have contact and communication with visitors, users, and customers who access our website.

We also want to be fully transparent about how we collect data and information when someone accesses our website, what data and information we actually collect, how we store that data and information, and what we do with it.

The following privacy policy applies to anyone accessing or using our website, and especially anyone who willingly and voluntarily provides personal information or data to us.

Information We Collect

Anonymous and Aggregate Information

When anyone accesses the Uniresearch website, there is certain information collected that does not identify that person. Such information includes the browser that is used, the time spent on our site, the specific pages visited and time spent on each one, the places from which individuals leave our site, and such. This data is organized and analyzed and may be shared with third parties as this is accomplished. The data is used to determine how we can improve our website and user navigation. No user consent is needed for this collection because it does not involve personally-identifying information.

Information Provided by Users and Customers

In a number of instances, people and businesses accessing our website will voluntarily provide personally identifying information or data.

  • Users who are not yet customers but who request more information or subscribe to our newsletter. They will need to provide an email address.

  • Anyone who submits an application to work for us must supply a great deal of personal information, to include such things as a resume, educational and professional background and full name, contact information, and more.

  • Any customer who registers on our website and submits and pays for project orders. This will include name, contact information, and, when necessary, specific information and data that we need to complete a project order. Payment for orders will involve providing financial information for that payment. That will be collected and used by a third-party payment processor with the SSL certification necessary for top security and protection of that data.

  • Some information is released to other third parties, such as email service providers. In these instances, those third-party contractors must abide by our privacy policy and terms of use agreement, which will protect personal information and never share it with any other party.

User and Customer Privacy Rights Regarding Their Personal Data

Anyone accessing our website and providing personal information owns that information and has the following rights regarding the use or sharing of that information:

  • The right to request access to the information that Uniresearch holds on them

  • The right to request that Uniresearch delete all personal information/data from its website. This occurs when a user or customer no longer wishes to have any relationship with the company

  • The right to have any errors in personal information corrected

  • The right to request that personal information be sent to them or to a third party. Such will be accomplished so long as this will not compromise any other user or customer information

  • The right to communicate any concerns or complaints regarding the use, collecting, storage, or sharing of their personal information

For users and customers from the EU, Uni Research complies will all of the data privacy regulations of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations).

Revisions/Updates to Privacy Policy 

Uniresearch reserves the right to revise the provisions of this Privacy Policy as it deems necessary, in order to continue to maintain the best security and protection. 


We will publish all changes or updates on our website and will make every effort to contact our users and customers via email communication.


The changes in this policy become effective as soon as they are published, and users, customers, and all third policies are responsible for making themselves aware of such changes.



If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact our customer support department for further detail and/or explanation.