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Many of our clients are looking for deep research that will drive their business decisions. They are not large enterprises with the budget for an in-house data scientist. But that is exactly what is needed today if research is to be both valid and valuable. There is an ocean of information on the web.

It is unstructured, meaning that it is not organized into categories of any type – it is just out there. The tools of data science, however, can gather, churn, and structure that information, based upon specific questions that businesses ask. It is our job to conduct research for our clients and deliver the results of that research in easily readable formats/reports. Our research services fall into three main categories – web and social media; product and marketing, and overall market and industry research. So, let us unpack what we can do for you in each of these categories.


Web and Social Media Research

As mentioned, the web has an ocean of information and data that can provide huge insights into trends, consumer behaviors, and much more. Businesses that are looking to develop, expand, or re-model their products or services can use this data to make the right decisions. The key is to collect the right data, organize it according to specific questions/needs, and then use it to drive decisions for moving forward. 

There are now over two billion people using social media, and not just to keep in touch with family and friends. They communicate on all sorts of topics, and that includes their opinions about products and services, about brands they have done business with, what they are looking for in the way of products/services, and more. Social media provides a huge amount of data for businesses looking to boost their brands, but getting to that data and making sense of it is a task most business owners do not have the skills to do.

At (name of site), our team of web and social media researchers use all the latest data gathering tools, such as advanced social listening and audience intelligence platforms, to collect, organize, and analyze data related to specific questions that a business needs to ask. These tools go far beyond the typical analytics that is offered by social media platforms, although those are used as well. And, as machine learning and artificial intelligence continue to be refined, new algorithms allow even deeper research. We stay current with them all.

What Web and Social Media Research Include

  • We hold an initial discussion to identify your business goals. Are you looking to expand your customer base? Are you considering new or improved products or services? Do you want to know what your target audience wants or needs or how those wants and needs may be changing?

  • We help you develop the questions that should be asked before the research process begins. For example, a business might want to ask, “What types of grooming products are men over 40 looking for?”  Or, a small regional bank might want to ask, “What types of loan products are millennials looking for?”

  • Once the right questions have been determined, our team goes to work.

  • We will meet out opinions, habits, lifestyles, interests, purchasing behaviors, all relevant conversations, and much more.

  • We organize and analyze all the collected data and prepare a report that answers the specific question(s) you have asked.

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Product and Marketing Research

Whether you are looking to modify or add to a current product or to develop and market an entirely new product, nothing should be done until you have conducted the right research. This will reduce risk and ensure that there is a viable market for what you want to offer. 

Once you have identified your modification, addition, or new product, we will conduct the research that will tell you whether your current and potential customers will find it valuable and ultimately make purchases.

We use a multi-faceted approach depending upon your business niche, your existing customer base, the competition, and the prospects of bringing in new customers.

  1. The key question, of course, is this: will there be a profitable market for what you envision? 
  2. We develop a customized research design, depending on the type of data that needs to be collected. Usually, this includes any or all of the following:
  • Surveys of existing and potential customers

  • Possible focus groups if a prototype has been developed

  • Data collection, analysis, and reporting in response to specific questions about the product viability

  • Identification and analysis of competition

  • Final recommendations based upon all the research

Our process is thorough and will prevent mistakes in product development that can be costly both in terms of money and reputation. Such mistakes have been made by large enterprises because their product and market research was inadequate. This won’t happen to you once we have completed the research and made our recommendations.


Market and Industry Research

Entrepreneurs who are ready to start a business must develop a business plan, often to secure loans or attract investors. We often assist in the development of these plans.

A major part of any business plan involves two sections – market analysis and industry analysis. These two concepts are often confused but need to be carefully separated. An industry is a business grouping all engaged in selling products or services that are similar. A market, on the other hand, is a grouping of potential customers who may purchase a product or service.

We conduct market and industry research based upon the gathering and analysis of information and data from every available resource. The goal is to show yourself and others that your business idea is potentially viable and has a good chance for success. Take a look at what we do to prepare each of these sections of your business plan.

Industry Research

To prepare a full and detailed summary for this section, we cover the following elements:

  • We identify the leaders in the industry/niche, look at their core product/service line as well as their business models.

  • We look at the overall industry/niche and collect the data on its growth. Lenders and potential investors want to see evidence that there are good growth forecasts.

  • Are there any industry trends that will be impacting the industry and that you plan to capture? Consider, for example, how the continued development of mobile devices has impacted the PC industry or how digital books have impacted the sales of physical editions – book stores are closing all over the country.

  • Who are your direct competitors? If your business is brick and mortar, we dig deep into competitors who are located close by. If it is a combination or solely online, we dig into those competitors that appeal to your same market, based upon quality, price, and other factors. This will allow you to strategize how you can be different. Investors like to see this factor.

Market Research

Remember, your market is your potential customer base(s). Here are the factors we use in our research for you:

  • How large is the market? Here, there are two elements to be researched – what is the total market of each of your bases, and what might be your share of that market, for you to be successful?

  • Your market demographics: We research the details of the characteristics of your customer base but go beyond that to gather and analyze data about such things as their purchasing behaviors.

Demographics also include what are often called psychographics – data about your market’s values, principles, and lifestyles. You will want to demonstrate that you honor these through your products/services and your marketing strategies

  • Are there any trends that indicate your market base may be changing or that those within your current base are changing their behaviors? You will want to show these trends and how you will be accommodating them.

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Trying to accomplish industry and market research takes time, skills in the collection and analysis of data, and then the actual preparation of these two sections of the plan. We can accomplish all of this for you while you spend time on more important aspects of starting a business.

In the end, businesses cannot begin, maintain themselves, and thrive without the right research to drive the decisions they make. Our customized research will see to it that you get the right information.