Cookie Policy

Uniresearch.net Cookie Policy

When visitors arrive at our company website, they will be notified that we make use of cookies and other technologies, such as web beacons, as those visitors navigate through our website, its pages, and its features.

It’s important that users of our website understand cookies and other technologies – what they are and how we utilize them. We want all visitors and clients to be comfortable on our site. 

Once you have read through this policy, should you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support department for any further clarification you need.

The Technology We Use – Cookies, Web Beacons, and Similar Data Gathering Technologies

Put as simply as possible, all of these technologies are nothing more than small files that are downloaded into the device you use to access our website. These let us “track” how you use our site, the pages you access, etc.

The important thing for you to understand is that we do not “spy” on visitors or users. What we offer through them is a convenience for you and to provide ourselves with information to improve our site and your experience on it.

Here are the types of cookies we use, with a brief explanation:

  1. Persistent Cookies: These small files will remain on your device unless you choose to delete them. When you return to our site, we “remember” the pages you visited, the information you sought, etc. We can then streamline your experience upon that return.

  2. Session Cookies: These are just as the name implies. Once you leave our site, they disappear from your device. We use them to gather aggregate data that tell us numbers of visits, browsers used, time spent on the site, pages visited, and time spent on each page.

  3. First-Party Cookies: We place these cookies on your device. Like persistent cookies, we can then “remember” your behavior during previous visits.

  4. Third-Party Cookies: When you link to third-party sites from our website, those third parties will be placing their own cookies on your device.

  5. Web Beacon: Web beacons work with cookies to do two things – remember a visitor when s/he returns and gathers aggregate and anonymous data on all visits in order to help improve the site.

  6. Other Technologies: Visitors may use other technologies while on our site – perhaps Flash or HTML5. These are not like cookies or beacons. They are maintained by your browser and/or app/device you use. No information about you or your visits is collected.

Consent for Cookies

As soon as you enter our website, you will see a notification that we use cookies. You can opt out of these by clicking the “reject” button. You need to know, however, that many of our site features will not work for you.

Some of our site cookies, for example, will ask for your personal information – name and email address. This allows you to sign up for our newsletters or register as a client and place an order. Once you provide this information, our cookies will “remember” it, so you do not have to provide such information when you re-visit.

What Our Cookies and Technologies Are Used For

In short, our cookies, etc. are used so that our website functions properly when you enter. Here’s a brief run-down:

  1. Some are necessary, as they allow a user to navigate through our site and access each page and function, such as our order form. These are not used for advertising or marketing to you. If you block the cookies, many pages will not load well, and you will experience problems communicating with our staff.

  2. Performance cookies are for our use only. These tell us if there are any problems on our site, such as pages not loading correctly. They do not collect any information about you as an individual. But they collect aggregate information relative to how our site is being used by visitors and users.

  3. Third-Party cookies, as already stated, are placed on your device by other websites, if you link to them from our site. We have no control over those or how they are used.

Blocking Cookies

You always have the option to opt out of cookies when you enter our site. You can also opt out of all cookies from anywhere through your browser options.

To block all cookies via your browser, use these links:

But just as another reminder, if you block all cookies, the websites you access and try to use will not function well for you. You will have navigation issues, and some pages will not be available or will fail to load correctly. For example, on our site, you may not be able to set up your personal account or use the order form.

You also have the option to delete our cookies each time you leave our website. If you do so, you will have to sign in and re-register each time you return, and cookies will again be added.

If you have any questions about cookies or other technology we use, please get in touch with our customer support staff, so that they can give you the more detailed information.