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Public Finance

Our research can uncover information for both competitive and consumer purposes. Receive answers for questions on potential financial products, banking market research, financial demographics, and more.

Wellness and Health

Healthcare research ensures that providers, insurers, developers, and anyone else in the industry delivers the most relevant products and services to the right customers. Healthcare and wellness research deploys a variety of methods including community needs assessments.


Full marketing, consumer, product, and competitive research services for both brick and mortar, and online retail operations. Expect information and insights you can use to drive your business strategy.


You must make a multitude of decisions in order to launch and maintain a successful e-commerce business. Don’t make those decisions on assumptions or outdated information. Instead, rely on professionally designed research methods.

Media Entertainment

Research services offered using focus groups, surveys, data analysis, behavior tracking, and more. Stay on top of audience preferences, and evolving tastes and trends.

Knowledge Base

We provide professionals, educators, policymakers, and others with accurate information they need to gain a useful understanding of academic institutions, make appropriate academic selections, even determine which initiatives to support.

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Travel and Tourism

A variety of research services offered to a full array of businesses in the travel and tourism sector. Use the insights gathered to gain a better understanding of customer preferences, trends, markets, and competitors.

Pollution and Sustainability

With proper research businesses can gain a useful understanding of the issues of pollution and sustainability as they apply to their business model. This information can be used to inform green policies, social responsibility statements, product development, and other initiatives.

Sociology and Social Issues

Get research backed answers you need on any questions or concerns relating to important social issues. This data is useful for establishing policy, making strategic decisions, even gathering an understanding of a particular market.


Geopolitics is the major influencing factor of markets, stability, and viability. It is imperative that anyone in a decision-making capacity fully understands the geopolitical issues that impact them or their business.


Economics research can provide the information needed to engage in successful financial planning, create growth strategies, even assess your own business’ viability. Professional researchers provide the data you need without political bias.

Medical Tourism

Patients, tour organizers, and others who are involved in medical tourism have an absolute need for research data that can be trusted. It takes a professional researcher to find, clean, and present relevant data so that you can make data backed recommendations and decisions.

Legal Questions

The layperson can rarely find accurate, unbiased answers to their legal questions. With professional legal research, you will have the information you need to help make decisions where legal ramifications could be a factor.


Nothing matters more than delivering value to our customers.


We are research focused, allowing us to deliver insights in a timely manner.


We thrive on your input, and use it to build a better business model.

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What They Say
James, USA


Thank you for your assistance in rebuilding our knowledge base. The research helped us eliminate information that was no longer valid, and update several procedures.

Samuel, United States


With travel opening up again, we didn’t want to make any missteps as we relaunched several of our curated travel services. Thanks to some great market research, we have had impressive results from our latest campaign.

Ros, Australia


Our first attempt at writing a corporate social responsibility statement was poor-received. Our audience found our remarks to be vague and out of touch. Thanks to the research data we received on social and environmental issues, we’ve rewritten that statement to wide approval.

Helen, UK


Attendance and customer ratings of our annual AgriCon webinar have dwindled significantly over the past two years. As marketing director for the convention, I needed to know what the disconnect was between our webinar content, and customer needs. Thanks to both events and market research we’ve gotten information that we will use to improve futur...

Melody, Canada


We were considering investing a significant amount of financial resources and man-hours into developing a new fitness app. The future of our business would have been significantly impacted by the success or failure of this product. Thanks to Uniresearch product research services we discerned that this was the wrong time to move forward. While di...

Frequently asked questions
What are the benefits of research services?

When you work with a professional researcher, you can be sure that the methods and instruments they use to gather information are above reproach. Professional research processes ensure the integrity of information, use of adequate sources and samplings, and objective results.

Who will conduct research for me?

Because of the wide range of services we offer, and the verticals we serve, we employ people with a wide range of skills. Depending on the precise service you require, your researcher may have several of the following skills.

Data mining
Marketing analytics
Market research
Data Analysis
Qualitative And Quantitative Research

Some research areas also require expertise in a specific subject area or niche. We are able to provide these researchers if your project requires it.

What research sources will you use?

We use an appropriate range of information sources including survey and polling data, information gathered through direct interviews, publicly available data sets, web and social media scraping, public documents, even data provided by the consumer.

Can I do web research myself?

You can, but should be aware of some issues. When doing your own research, there are very human tendencies that can skew your results. Confirmation bias is one of these. Additionally, if you will be presenting these results to influence policy or to investors, having objective results could help.

What are the benefits of product research?

Product research can help you determine the viability of a product, learn about your competition, price items appropriately, and assist you in finding the right market.

Do you give business advice?

No. We only give objective insights based on the results of diligent research.

How do you access data to do in-depth research?

Much of the data we use is publicly available. However, we do have tools and techniques to clean and organize that data for research purposes. Uniresearch does the same with private research databases we use as well. We also gather our own information through polls, interviews, and surveys. Our clients will also provide us with information access.

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